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Got any colorbar requests requests?

I'll be taking them tonight through Monday morning.

*EDIT: You can keep putting requests here. I've extended the date indefinitely.*

Post the requests here, as a comment. Include:

- 5 or more pictures, or if you don't have any or don't know how to post them, give me an idea of what to look for, or I'll just Google what you want and pick the first 6 pictures that show up.
- what you want it to say ("___ is hot love", "___ is sex", etc.), or I'll just put "___ is love."
- whether or not you want a border. Like this, or this, or this, or this. *EDIT* You don't have to specifically pick from these four. You can choose any of the borders I've made before, or if you've seen a border somewhere else you'd like, I'll re-create it on your colorbar for you.
- anything else you want.

I can only make each picture a different color right now. I'm in the process of downloading Photoshop (on dial-up), so when I have that, you can request bars with gradients. *EDIT* Okay, so it may take a little bit while longer to for me to get Photoshop. Grr. Don't worry, I'm working on it. I know all of you (all zero of you) will be happy once I get it.

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