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Welcome to gurlondrums' Graphics

My Rules

~ Joining is totally optional.
~ If you take anything I make, please comment so that I know where it's going.
~ Please credit me somehow. For colorbars, I provide the HTML, but if you want to alter it or upload the bar to your own server, that's fine, just make sure I am credited. For icons, I'd like the credit either in the keyword, comment, or your userinfo. For Friends Only banners, layout graphics, and layouts, please credit me in your userinfo. I don't mind who takes my stuff and I'm usually very nice about everything, but if you don't credit me or try to push the graphic off like it's your own, I will hunt you down and make your life a living hell.

Requests For Colorbars

~ Comment on one of my existing posts or email me at drummygurl@yahoo.com
~ Include the following:
a.) 5+ pictures (this is a guideline, I've used less before, and I don't mind making exceptions), or if you don't have any or don't know how to post them, give me an idea of what to look for, or I'll just Google what you want and pick the first 5-6 pictures that show up.
b.) What you want it to say (i.e. "___ is hot love", "___ is sex", etc.) or I'll just put "___ is love."
c.) Whether or not you want a border. Like this, or this, or this, or this. You don't have to specifically pick from these four. These are just examples. You can choose any of the borders I've made before, or if you've seen a border somewhere else you'd like, I'll re-create it on your colorbar for you.
d.) Whether you want a gradient (Don't know what a gradient is? Click here for an example.) or each picture a different color. If you don't specify, I'll just use a gradient, because it's easier/faster.
e.) Anything else you could possibly want.

~ If you're not specific, I'll just throw something together and I don't like doing that because it's not the best looking.

Requests For Other Graphics

~ Post a comment or email me.
~ Be very, very, very specific. These are different from colorbars so there's no list to pick and choose from. Basically, if you want an icon or layout graphic, supply a picture or give me an idea of the picture you want, any effects, any text, etc.
~ I'm new to the whole layout thing, but if you got an idea for one you want for you journal, comment or email me.

My Work

All my work is archived in the memories. Check there first before making a request.

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